Here are some of the benefits every RPOAC member has access to. To learn more about these or to find our complete list of benefit offerings please contact our benefits manager, Shane Cobb at (800) 733-4487 or visit the RPOAC page at our benefits provider Pacific Financial Designs.

CCW Safe

CCW Safe is a legal service membership plan that was designed for CCW permit/license holders, active and retired military and law enforcement officers, and gun owners. We are not an insurance plan, we are a legal defense service plan.


My Notification Service

My Notification Service offers our subscribers an emergency medical and contact notification service. When an incident occurs, whether it is medically related, or an accident, our emergency call center team will send potentially lifesaving medical information, specified by you, to emergency responders or hospital staff anywhere in the world.



Expected and unexpected legal issues arise every day. But with a LegalShield Legal Plan, a small monthly fee gets you access to advice and counsel on an unlimited number of personal legal issues from lawyers with an average of 19 years experience.


Union Choice

Our team will take the stress out of Mortgage Lending by finding the program that fits you best and providing realistic expectations. We have special programs for self employed borrowers. Even if your Tax Returns don't reflect positive income, that doesn't mean you won't qualify.


Hear in America

Currently serving more than 10 million members nationwide, Hear In America brings quality hearing care services to professional groups.


Healthiest You

Our unique blend of technology and engagement is allowing progressive employers, third party administrators and health plans to reduce costs, redirect claims and improve care while delivering innovation that consumers demand. Just like Uber did for transportation or OpenTable did for dining, our service puts members in control of their healthcare through choice, transparency, connectivity, and cost savings never before seen in a single platform.


More Coverage

We also offer:

  • Medical insurance
  • Medicare supplement
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • Vision plans
  • Deferred compensation options
  • and more!

Pacific Financial Designs, Inc.

PFD is the official manager for all of the benefits offered through RPOAC. Please contact them with any questions you might have regarding the insurances or other benefit programs we offer.

Our benefits manager, Shane Cobb can be reached by phone or email at:

(800) 733-4487 or