What exactly is a legal subscription service?

Instead of paying a lawyer by the hour, pay a small monthly fee and get access to a lawyer that can advise you on a huge variety of issues—but without a huge bill.

Affordable Advice From Real Estate Lawyers

Have you been looking for property lawyers online? LegalShield has a network of 39 law firms, with lawyers licensed to practice in all 50 states. With hundreds of lawyers averaging 22 years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to connect you with the right real estate attorney. And because our provider law firms are prepaid, their sole focus is on serving you — not billing you.

Get Affordable Legal Advice from a Trusted Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning can be confusing and costly. A legal plan from LegalShield provides access to experienced lawyers at an affordable price. Our personal legal plan lets you get consultation and assistance from a provider law firm, and even includes having that firm draft your Last Will & Testament, Living Will and Power of Attorney at no additional cost. Our most popular family plan is just $24.95/month and covers you, your spouse and your children.

Affordable Legal Help From Family Law Lawyers

Family law issues like divorce, child custody and adoption can be some of the most difficult to deal with due to the strong emotions involved. It’s not uncommon to feel uncertain and scared. Having the comforting hand of a competent provider lawyer to guide you will reduce stress, protect your rights and minimize negative impact on any children involved. For as little as $24.95/month, a LegalShield legal plan gets you access to a team of experienced lawyers, so you can resolve the issue correctly and legally, and move on with your life.

Legal protection for Consumer Law matters

Your personal legal plan allows you to contact your provider lawyer to get legal advice for any personal legal matter related to consumer law.

Consumer disputes

  • Health & Car Insurance
  • Utility Companies
  • Home Contractors
  • Warranties

Debt disputes

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Student Loans
  • Collection Agency Harassment
  • Medical Billing

Tax Problems

  • IRS Audits
  • Tax Refunds
  • Tax Liens
  • Back Taxes

Marriage & Divorce

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Alimony/Maintenance
  • Estate Planning for Couples

Insurance disputes

  • Health Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Home and Renters Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Real Estate

  • Mortgages
  • Security Deposits
  • Property Damage
  • Real Estate
  • Contracts
Your specific plan may not cover every service listed above. Contact our benefits manager to see which plan is right for you.

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