Why Join RPOAC?

RPOAC is politically active at the state and national levels, providing a “watchdog” group that represents you! Standing alone or in small groups, retirees do not have the resources. Affiliation with F.O.P. gives you the ability and resources to be provided quality representation at the state and congressional levels.

Consider the facts:

  • Each year legislation is introduced in the California Legislature or in Congress that substantially effects the status of retired peace officers.
  • There is a continuing effort to eliminate the existing tax benefits for disability retirement income.
  • Increased attacks and pressure on our retirement systems exist.
  • Congressional proposals to tax benefits will effect active and retired peace officers.
  • Many employers discontinue medical insurance for retirees.
  • Inflation has reduced many retirement incomes to below poverty levels. Many retirees have to seek employment to survive; some are forced to rely on public assistance; others barely exist.
  • The Retired Peace Officers Association of California (RPOAC), was organized by retired peace officers. We would not stand by and helplessly watch our benefits be carelessly discarded or eroded away.
  • As a result, RPOAC is a strong watch dog organization operating through  California and the Fraternal Order of Police.
  • We are able to influence legislation, deal with tax matters and social policy to the benefit of retired peace officers.
  • RPOAC is the only statewide organization in California dedicated to protecting retired peace officers’ interests.

Who Can Join RPOAC?

Regular Membership:

  • All retired peace officers, and surviving spouses, in or out of California, are eligible for membership.
  • Non-sworn personnel who are members of a police agency, may be eligible upon retirement.

Associate Membership:

  • All active or part time peace officers, reserves, surviving spouses, or surviving qualified dependents, in or out of California.
  • All active or retired "First Responders" (i.e. fire fighters, search and rescue, EMT)
    from any public agency, surviving spouses, or surviving qualified dependents in or out of