Care that keeps up with your life

When life is always on the go, your healthcare should be, too. HealthiestYou makes sure you have access to the care you need all from one convenient place so you can be your healthiest you, always.

Get your time back

No more waiting at the doctor’s office. No more wondering if you got the lowest-cost prescription. No more doubts about a diagnosis. From doctor’s visits over the phone to price comparison tools, we’ve got you covered.

Once you're a member, you can use the HealthiestYou app to:


Expert Medical Opinion

Get a second opinion from leading experts on more-serious conditions.


See a doctor 24/7

Talk to a licensed doctor by phone or video from anywhere.


Save money

Find and pick up the lowest-cost prescriptions in your area.


Compare prices

Compare cash vs. insurance pricing for common procedures.


Connect your insurance

Find your insurance carrier for up-to-date coverage, deductible tracking, and more.


Search for a provider

Find a doctor, dentist, or other providers near you.

HealthiestYou brings simplicity to healthcare. We understand how busy life gets, so we made care that helps you get back to it.

Your specific plan may not cover every service listed above. Contact our benefits manager to see which plan is right for you.

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