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Hear In America was founded by hearing instrument dispensers in 1995 to help people get the best possible combination of hearing technology, price, and service.  The response has been tremendous, and Hear In America now represents millions of members, and facilitates thousands of hearing aid purchases every year.

Hear in America is the first to provide hearing care coverage to members of Employer Groups, Associations, Unions, and Insurance Carriers. With a growing national network of Audiologists and Licensed Hearing Specialists, members have the convenience of visiting local providers that provide the highest quality hearing care services.  Hear In America acts as an advocate for members by educating, assisting, and diligently following up on the services they receive.

Hear In America is also deeply committed to the environment. As a leading sponsor to arctic explorer Lonnie Dupre, Hear In America has helped to educate and raise awareness of international climate change. We are excited about future programs that will continue this cause.

The Importance of early detection

It takes the average person with hearing loss 5 to 7 years before seeking a professional diagnosis, in spite of the fact that the signs and symptoms of hearing loss are clear to other people.

Perhaps you know someone with hearing loss who either denies the concern or declines to seek out professional help. While this is no doubt frustrating, it is very likely that the indicators of hearing loss are much more clear to you than they are to them.

Symptoms of Untreated Hearing Loss

  • You hear sounds, but have trouble understanding certain words
  • People seem to mumble
  • Your family complains that you have the TV turned too loud
  • You favor one ear over the other
  • You lose interest in social gatherings

Benefits of Hearing Aids

  • More effective communications (71%)
  • Better social life (56%)
  • Improved relationships at home (55%)
  • Improved emotional health (40%)
  • Improved mental/cognitive ability (35%)
  • Better physical health (24%)

The only way to correctly diagnose hearing loss is through audiometry, which will measure the exact decibel level hearing loss at different sound frequencies. This is the only method to objectively show whether hearing loss is present, but the challenging part is, of course, getting to that point.

Early detection and intervention is important. Hearing loss can negatively affect quality of life for all members of the family. Hear In America can help provide that first step in detection.
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