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Our Mission
RPOAC's mission is to provide a voice on the State and Federal levels for our members. We lobby for our members to ensure benefits are not lost. To provide the best insurance options available for our members. To provide information and communication between members for the betterment of all members.
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Welcome Message from the RPOAC President

Welcome to the Retired Peace Officers Association of California (RPOAC) Website. We at RPOAC would like to take a few minutes to introduce our website and our organization to you. Some of our main objectives are:

  • To provide a voice on the state and federal levels in all areas that may affect our members including lobbying on behalf of our members to ensure that benefits are not lost or eroded.

  • To provide the best insurance options available to our members. (Get a free comparison of benefits by calling our insurance professionals at Pacific Financial Designs: 1-800-733-4487).

  • To provide information and communication between the members for the betterment of all members.

As a member of RPOAC you will be eligible to utilize any of numerous insurance plans and benefits. Please explore our website to see what we have to offer. We encourage you to print out and complete a membership application form along with a check, and send it to the address on the application form to become a member of RPOAC.

Thank you for your attention and please contact us at 1-800-743-7622 if you have further questions or need additional information.


Alex Bernard
President, RPOAC


Annual Dues Notices Lost In The Mail!

A problem has occurred with the mailing of the annual dues notices which has resulted in hundreds of our notices being lost. While we work to correct this problem we would ask all members to not wait to receive their notice but go ahead and process their 2017 dues payment through our on-line payment system at www.rpoac.org or to mail in their dues prior to the January 1, 2017 deadline. Rest assured that you will receive a paper dues notice in the mail once we resolve the current issue but we do have obligations that must be paid in a timely manner and therefore ask that you send in your dues renewal prior to receiving the actual notice. Your Board thanks you for your prompt response and continued support of the Retired Peace Officers Association of California.

Dues renewal rates are:

Regular Membership 1 year—$60, 2 years—$110, 3 years—$160

Associate Membership 1 year—$36, 2 years—$60, 3 years—$90

FOP Dues 1 year—$30


"Real Detective" Series Looking for Complex Homicide Investigations

To All RPOAC FOP Lodge #55 members,

WAM, the production company behind the popular documentary series Real Detective airing on Discovery ID, is currently searching for a powerful true crime story that can serve as the basis for a new documentary television series. 

We are looking for a complex homicide or missing persons investigation, or an interconnected series of homicide or missing persons investigations, to document over the course of the series. These investigations can be solved, ongoing, or in the process of being reinvestigated. 

Ideally, the scope of the investigation stretches across time and distance, encompasses different parts of a community, has surprising twists and turns, or poses a unique challenge to law enforcement – but any case or series of cases that stands out as unique and memorable are of interest. 

If you know of any such complex cases that might be of interest for this new show, or if you would be interested in discussing matters further, please reach me by email at rebecca@wamgrp.com or by phone at 514-846-1940 ext 243 and I will be happy to set up a time to talk. 

To view a sample of our work, you can see the promo for Real Detective season 1 at the following link: https://vimeo.com/146695439. Clips of the series are available on Discovery ID's website: http://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/real-detective/.

Thank you very much and best wishes,

Rebecca MacPhee | Researcher
O: 514-846-1940 ext 243


New CCW Coverage Offered Through RPOAC

As retired peace officers many of us are authorized to carry a concealed weapon. But, have you given any thought to what your liabilities could be if you were to have to use that weapon in a self-defense incident? The legal costs alone could devastate your retirement nest egg not to mention the physical and emotional stress it would inflect on you and your family.

RPOAC is excited to announce a new benefit being offered to our members: CCW Safe

CCW Safe was founded by former police officers and attorneys who have all worked on local, and federal levels of law enforcement. CCW Safe is a legal service membership plan that was designed for CCW permit/license holders and retired law enforcement officers. CCW Safe was founded to offer similar coverages to what we received while serving our communities as active police officers.

Click Here for more details about this extremely important new benefit.



F.O.P. (The Fraternal Order of Police) is the world's largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with more than 330,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges. They are the voice of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities. They are committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those they serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation. No one knows the dangers and the difficulties faced by today's police officers better than another officer, and no one knows police officers better than the FOP.

RPOAC members must be members of FOP to be eligible for the benefits offered. Membership in FOP can be obtained through our online dues payment page by clicking on the "FOP Dues" button or by contacting our Executive Director, Dennis Wright at (800) 743-7622.